The following are testimonials that people have been kind enough to leave about me.

Anna Burrows Anna Burrows

I really liked the idea of Fit-Buggies in Cherry Hinton, as there are not many classes around. Fit-Buggies are convenient and healthy as they are taking place outdoors. I was exercising before so I had no problem with the intensity of exercises.

Cari was very professional and understanding when the physical form was not up too scratch. The exercises are very good quality working on all muscles parts. And for kids Cari has got a bag full of toys to entertain them. Additionally Cari has orginised a wonderful days out in Summer for kids and us mums of course like going to Milton Maze. After Fit-Buggies I feel energised and I get feeling that I care about my physical exercise. Alicia my daugther likes it too because she can see the other kids. I would recommend to every mum who would like to get out, meet other mums and exercise.

Camilla Edwards Camilla Edwards

Before I had Elizabeth I was quite sporty and really enjoyed keeping fit, but felt quite nervous about starting exercise again after having a baby. A friend told me about Fit-buggies, and I sent an e-mail to Cari saying I'd like to try it out. I got a very friendly e-mail back explaining about Fit-Buggies and that the first session was free. So I went along to my first Fit-Buggies class and found a group of sociable ladies who were keen to get back in to shape. I find Fit-Buggies really useful as it means I can exercise without needing to find someone to look after Elizabeth, who is usually quite amused at watching her mum do lunges and sit-ups! It also is a very sociable group and is set up so that newcomers integrate very quickly!  Cari is brilliant at creating different levels for varying abilities, friendly and is always smiling!

Naomi Goldsbrough Naomi Goldsbrough

I started Fit Buggies in May 2009 and have been going ever since. It’s a great social experience as well as fantastic exercise. Cari lets you go at your own pace and doesn’t push you too hard if you’re not ready and adapts the exercises for all levels so no-one feels left out. FB got me back into exercise after having my daughter and Millie loves being out in the fresh air and watching mummy run around and jump up and down!! We have made some great friends from FB and enjoy going – even when it rains!!

Rachel Steward Rachel Steward

Fit buggies has been fantastic, a great chance to have a gossip and meet new mummy friends on the walking warm up, no pressure to exercise hard just take it at your own pace, the babies love being outdoors whatever the weather and find watching us Mums jump around doing strange moves really entertaining - the added bonus; socials/days out with and without babies with new friends.

Sian-Marie Lucas Sian-Marie Lucas

I started attending Fit-Buggies after 18 months of doing no structured exercise. It's fantastic to find a fitness class where you can meet other Mums and not have worry about childcare. My daughter loves being outdoors, watching us exercise and meeting other children. Cari is friendly and enthusiastic - as a Mum herself she understands how difficult it can be for new Mums to find the energy to exercise and her classes are designed so that everyone can work at their own level, whether they are a complete beginner or want to challenge themselves. Cari encourages us to push ourselves and because of her enthusiasm I have found the confidence to attend several more fitness classes.

Jenny Pillenger Jenny Pillenger

Fit Buggies! What a great way to get back into shape after having a baby! Saw the advert and wasn't dissapointed. Baby gets some fresh air, you do some exercise and meet lots of other mums all at once! Cari is fun, but professional and tailors the classes to incorporate the buggies. Favourite catch phrase, "just 30 more seconds of squats ladies!" Can work at your own pace without feeling inhibited and make some new friends too!

Amanda Hill Amanda Hill

I have been attending Cari's classes for several years now (LBT, Pump and ocassionally Aerotone), as part of my varied exercise routine. Being an ex-fitness instructor myself, I am a very critical audience, and I have to say she is a consistently great teacher, and she delivers the best Legs Bum and Tums class I have ever done. I have attended the weekly LBT class almost religiously for several years, and I always feel like my body gets a really great dose of targeted and general toning, it always tough enough to feel challenged every week, and I never get bored! She mixes up what she does frequently, and even on those days when you know the routine has been pulled out of a thumb a few minutes before, it always hangs together well and gives us a great workout. Added to that is her sunny, friendly yet professional personality. When she is not available to teach a class she is always missed by everyone!

Jo Dawson Jo Dawson

I have known Cari for five years through her job as an instructor at the gym now known as David Lloyds.Cari has always impressed me with her teaching abilities. Her approach demonstrates care, enthusiasm, empathy and maturity, and if you have the opportunity to take part in classes led by her, you are very lucky!

I have witnessed her genuine interest in 'mature movers', where she has encouraged and inspired confidence in a group where a level of fitness and weight loss has been achieved beyond expectations, and her input was responsible for creating a cohesive social group.

Caroline_Cooper Caroline Cooper

I have been doing Cari’s classes for almost 3 years. She is always full of energy and enthusiasm, and her choreographed classes are easy to follow as she cues in the moves before you have to do them. Cari teaches multi-level classes of different ages and fitness levels, and manages to inspire everyone to reach their personal goals.

I initially did Body Balance, which is a fusion of Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi. With her encouragement I started doing Body Pump a year ago, lifting weights set to music. I have noticed increased stamina and improved upper body and core strength (and appearance) with this, and am now fitter than I was in my 20’s!

David Russell David Russell

I've known Cari for a number of years and it was her who originally got me interested in exercise. I'd tried going to a number of different gyms and classes previously but it wasn't until I started doing her classes that I began to enjoy exercising.

Cari encourages and provides a friendly informal atmosphere, but at the same time is professional and passionate about what she teaches. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who's looking to start exercising and finds the "traditional" approach of most gym instructors to be somewhat off-putting.

Ros Storey Ros Storey

I have been going to various gyms and exercise classes for nearly 12 years. I have therefore experienced many styles of teaching. In my opinion Cari is the most motivational teacher I have had in that time. She is always happy, she encourages and helps older members of the class (like me!) and constantly introduces new moves into the classes. It is a real pleasure to go to one of her classes.

Giles Brown Giles Brown

I have been going to Cari’s body pump classes for the last 4 years. They are always very popular and often over subscribed. She is a very enthusiastic teacher and always encourages the class to work hard whilst also ensuring everyone has an enjoyable time. I would highly recommend one of her classes.

Gavin Wood Gavin Wood

Cari’s style is effortless, energising and fun-focussed, which makes even the most gruelling of exercise classes manageable, effective and rewarding. Cari’s enthusiasm and knowledge motivate me to push myself hard but safely; I am in the best shape of my life, and I am very confident that anyone who trains with Cari will come away from their experience both stronger, happier and ‘fit’ for anything!