Fit-Buggies classes run in Cherry Hinton where you can exercise, have fun and make new friends!

So what is it?

More specifically it's weekly one hour fitness session including power walking, strength training and legs bums & tums work to help mums get back into shape!

The great thing is that mums don't need to worry about childcare as babies/toddlers are with them in their buggies. And those babies can be anywhere from 2 months to 3 years. There's lots of fresh air for everyone, no gym membership is required, and a great social group :-)

That sounds good, but how much will it cost?

The 1st session is FREE!!! You will then need to pay in blocks for your sessions. We run in 4 week blocks, £20 for 4 weeks. Credit cannot be given for classes, however, you can attend a class at a different venue as frequently as needed to make up for any missed sessions. If you join us in the middle of a block you will just need to pay for the remainder of sessions left eg. if you join us with 3 weeks left, this will be £15. Payment and booking must be made on the 1st week of each block to enable us to meet the needs of all members for each session.
Social Group
We have formed a wonderful Social Group with the Fit-Buggies classes. We have had trips to Cheeky Monkeys, Maize Maze, A charity Tea Party, Bowling and Christmas Meals just for the Mummies! :o) Also we ran Race for life last year as a team which was brilliant.

I'd like to attend!

Please email me at for further information on days and times and to book your space.

What about the weather?

Classes will take place regardless of the weather - unless there's a storm! Please make sure you dress your baby and yourself accordingly! Rain covers for buggies, blankets and hats, and sunscreen...if we get any sun!! Remember to bring drinks/snacks for your baby if needed, and breaks for changing or feeding are taken whenever necessary.

Can any mum do this?

Please note that you must have been cleared to exercise by your GP which is usually 6-8 Weeks for natural birth or 10-12 Weeks for a ceasarian. You will be required to fill in a Health Questionnaire before your first class.


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